Amazing 3 Day camping trip at the world famous Masaai Mara!

Private Day Trip to Hells Gate!

1 Day Tsavo east

Pick up from your hotel early morning and drive to Tsavo National Park- Kenya's largest game sanctuary

Nairobi City Tour - 4 Hrs

Starting at the centre of Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, and taking you through the Railway Museum, ...


Are you looking for the BEST guides in all of Kenya? Look no further! We have the TOP RATED GUIDES in all of Kenya as seen on Trip Advisor! Our guides include: Joseph Ngigi, Samuel Mwangi, Charles Kariuki, John Warui, and Edward Wachira

Kenya is the home of Safari and there's nothing better than having a professional guide to help you get the most out of your safari experience. For over a hundred years, Kenya has attracted adventurers and romantics from all over the world. This African plains have been the setting of some history’s greatest adventure tales.

Africa is not only a gigantic continent, it's also very beautiful. From its massive and often cloudless skies to its Savannah plains providing beautiful habitat for scores of wildlife, Africa has something for every nature lover. It's the stuff of film and literature. There are also over 400 miles of white sandy beaches! Clearly it is the land of enchanted adventures. In years past, only the rich and famous (or especially daring) could visit the amazing expanses of Africa.

Mr Joseph Ngigi (pictured above) is the founder of Jossy Travel company. He has been a professional, private tour guide since about 2002. The best part about booking with Jossy Travel is that you are guaranteed to get Joseph or one of his team so you know what you get up front. Unlike other travel companies where you may or may not get a good guide, Jossy Travel is committed to only the best. Jossy Travel is committed to exceptional customer service and wants each customer to have the time of their lives! Joseph was born and raised in Kenya and knows the land well. But because of his extensive experience as a guide, he also understands world cultures and can easily integrate with any tour group. He is fluent in multiple languages and enjoys conducting his tours in English. Each Jossy Travel guide has an amazing knowledge of the local cities, towns, and roadside shops and can provide expert advise on booking high quality hotels, lodges and camps. On the tour, your personal guide will provide a "Discovery Channel's" worth of information about the native plants and animals.

For most people, an African safari is the trip of a lifetime. And for many, a safari will lead them to a lifetime love affair with the continent's warm-hearted people, beautiful scenery, and unique wildlife.

The spirit of the Safari lives on today. The romance of sundown drinks, of evenings around a campfire and nights under canvas with the distant roar of a lion in the African night can still be found in Kenya. The best and most reliable source of information is someone who has first had experience on safari even better than a guidebook; our past clients are a great and reliable source of information. Most of them have stayed in constant touch with us even after going back home and are willing to have their contacts given out to potential clients.

Jossy Travel recognizes that every traveller has a different budget and a different dream. We take all factors into account, catering for all requests, so long as they fall within our government’s laws. From city taxis, conferences, hotel and lodge bookings and "Big Five" Safaris, we can offer you a suitable option with a safari service guarantee that falls within your budget. 

Jambo! Let’s meet in Africa!

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